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  • Tiziana Prato: A Journey from Novella Parigini's Tutelage to Versace's Tribute
Tiziana Prato: A Journey from Novella Parigini's Tutelage to Versace's Tribute


Tiziana Prato: A Journey from Novella Parigini's Tutelage to Versace's Tribute

In the world of art, there are journeys that lead us from humble beginnings to grand tributes, from mentors who shape our creativity to inspirations that transcend the canvas. Tiziana Prato, an artist of remarkable talent, embarks on such a journey, one that traverses the realms of her artistic tutelage and pays homage to a fashion icon who has left an indelible mark on her family.

The stage for this artistic odyssey is set in Rome, at the Galleria dei Miracoli, where from October 13th to 25th, 2023, the world is introduced to the first solo exhibition of Tiziana Prato. What makes this exhibition extraordinary is not only the vibrancy and depth of her work but the profound influence of two remarkable figures who have guided her path—Novella Parigini, the acclaimed artist, and Gianni Versace, the legendary fashion designer.

Novella Parigini's Influence

Novella Parigini, a name that resonates with art connoisseurs and those who have been touched by her creative spirit. Tiziana Prato proudly declares herself a student of the renowned artist, and in doing so, she unveils the profound influence of Parigini on her artistic journey. It is this legacy, this creative imprint that forms the cornerstone of Prato's first solo exhibition.

Novella Parigini's legacy is not only about her exceptional talent as an artist but her association with the golden era of the Dolce Vita in Rome during the 1950s and 1960s. As a beacon of creativity in those glamorous years, Parigini's work became emblematic of an era that celebrated life, love, and art. It is in these formative years that Prato imbibed not just artistic skills but also a sensibility that would come to define her own artistic expression.

Tiziana Prato: The Artist and Entrepreneur

Tiziana Prato's artistic journey is a tapestry woven from diverse threads. While she began her artistic odyssey under the guidance of Novella Parigini, her background reflects a unique blend of art and economics. Prato holds a laurea in economics, a testament to her diverse skills and interests. Her journey in the art world has been complemented by a parallel career as an entrepreneur, adding a layer of depth to her artistic persona.

Her initial forays into art were guided by the strong creative force of her mentor, Novella Parigini. Yet, her academic grounding in economics, far from being a departure from her artistic path, served as a source of inspiration, shaping her outlook and approach. This duality in her background, as both an artist and an entrepreneur, is a testament to her multifaceted personality.

The juxtaposition of these seemingly contrasting worlds eventually led to the evolution of her unique artistic style. Tiziana Prato found her artistic equilibrium in the fusion of porcelain and oil painting. It is this harmonious union that gives rise to artworks that are vibrant, textured, and rich in metallic hues. In this section, we will explore how Prato's diverse background and entrepreneurial spirit have enriched her artistic journey, leading to a style that seamlessly marries porcelain and oil painting.

"La luce e la materia": A Tale of Light and Material

The heart of Tiziana Prato's artistry beats in her ability to evoke a sense of luminosity and materiality in her creations. Her debut solo exhibition in Rome, titled "La luce e la materia. Un racconto di vita tra ricordi e nuovi approdi" (The Light and the Material: A Tale of Life Between Memories and New Horizons), showcases seventeen carefully selected pieces. These abstract works breathe life through the interplay of porcelain, caolino, and the captivating dance of silver and gold.

Her exhibition, curated by Ariadne Caccavale, is a testament to her art's unique character. Prato's choice of materials and her artistic approach result in a profound sense of depth and luminosity. The caolino, sculpted in intricate grooves and spiral traces, is illuminated by light in a way that transcends the physical medium, forging an ethereal connection with the viewer.

In these abstract works, silver and gold are not just materials; they are conduits of expression. Prato infuses these precious metals into her art, transforming them into vibrant, living surfaces. It is through her mastery of these elements that she creates a unique narrative, where light and material converse to convey a sense of life and luminosity. This section invites you to immerse yourself in the world of Tiziana Prato's art, where the interplay of light and material tells a mesmerizing tale of artistic exploration and innovation.

Tiziana Prato's Journey Through the Art World

Tiziana Prato's art journey extends far beyond the boundaries of her studio and her solo exhibition. She has been an active participant in numerous art events, marking her presence on a global stage. One notable highlight is her participation in the 59th Biennale di Venezia Arte, where she contributed to an event within the Grenada Pavilion. Her artistic presence within such a prestigious international event reflects her growing recognition and the caliber of her work.

Furthermore, her artistic journey is set to reach new heights with her upcoming participation in the international section of the Atlas of Contemporary Art Corporate Patron Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. This prestigious platform elevates her art to a global audience and signifies the impact of her work on the contemporary art scene.

Tiziana Prato's journey through the art world serves as a testament to her dedication and the universal appeal of her creations. Her ability to transcend geographical boundaries and be recognized in international art circles is a tribute to her unique talent and the resonance of her art with a diverse global audience.


In this exploration of Tiziana Prato's artistic journey, we have ventured from her formative years as a student of Novella Parigini to her entrepreneurial pursuits and the fusion of porcelain and oil painting in her artwork. Her first solo exhibition, "La luce e la materia," immerses us in a world where light and material converge in abstract works that speak to the soul.

Prato's homage to Novella Parigini and Gianni Versace underscores the profound influence of mentors and the enduring impact of artistic legacies. Her unique ability to bridge diverse worlds and be recognized on the global stage reflects the universal appeal of her art.

As Tiziana Prato continues to evolve as an artist and entrepreneur, her journey exemplifies the power of art to transcend boundaries and connect with audiences on a profound level. It is a testament to the timeless and boundless nature of creativity, a journey that will continue to inspire and captivate art enthusiasts around the world.