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The 9 Impressive Food Brands That Made It To The Italian Food Awards of 2023


The 9 Impressive Food Brands That Made It To The Italian Food Awards of 2023

The 2023 Italian Food Awards once more revealed some of the best names in the Italian food industry. The annual event recognizes creative food and beverage products from Italy, from pasta and flour to oils and condiments.

The awarding ceremony took place on the 8th of October in Cologne, with nine winners per category. If you’re thinking of getting the best of Italian food and beverages, you can’t do worse than the nine winners of the 2023 Italian Food Awards.

Di Marco Pinsa

Di Marco is known for revolutionizing the world of pizza, as it is a mix of wheat and soy flour, low in fat and sugar. The Pinsa Romana was first created in 2012 by the Di Marco family. You can easily purchase the sour-dough pre-baked base, whether it’s classic or multigrain.

The Di Marco Pinsa has an oval shape, deliciously crunchy on the outside and soft and light on the inside. The hydrated dough promises an explosion of flavors on your tongue. Pinsa is known for having lower calories, salt and fat than normal pizza. It also has higher levels of protein and is cooked for a longer time at a lower temperature.

Granarolo – High Protein Line

Conquering the deli category of the 2023 Italian Food Awards is the Granarolo High Protein Line. This line includes cheese snacks and gourmet milkshakes, giving you an authentic Italian feel whenever you’re looking for a delicious snack.

One of the highlights of the High Protein Line is Groksi, an Italian cheese snack that is gluten-free and low-carb. These crispy treats are also great in salads or soups and are worthy of the 2023 awards. You can also enjoy the Cheese Crisps in this line, which is a low-carb, gluten-free, high-protein snack made with aged Italian cheese, and the Granarolo Benessere Milkshake Arabica Coffee RTD.

Delizia - Burrata Frozen

If you’re interested in the best-frozen products from Italy, Delizia Burrata Frozen is another award-winning option. Delizia is a famous Italian brand known for its burrata cheese. But you can enjoy this soft and fresh cheese even better as a frozen product.

The delicious frozen cheese has a solid mozzarella outer shell, while the inside is rich, filled with cream and mozzarella threads. Delizia Burrata Frozen is made with care and handcrafted by master cheesemakers in Italy. You can enjoy the snack with olive oil, salad leaves, salt and tomatoes.

Farchioni Olii – Heroic Olive

The Farchioni Olii Heroic Olive dominated the Oils and Condiments category and would make an amazing addition to any dish you are cooking up. The olive oil is cold-pressed and made with a blend of olives obtained from the Mediterranean. This gives it a well-balanced and smooth taste with a delicate fruity finish, and it is fully organic.

Also known as the Olivicoltura Eroica, the self-certified olive oil is definitely deserving of its award. The olive oil comes from centuries-old olive trees grown on small islands. These are Italian varieties that offer an authentic taste in the olive oil. The Heroic Olive fits all cooking purposes, including side dishes, cakes, raw foods and sauces, and roasted meat.

Rummo – Spaghetti N. 3

Next is the winner of the Pasta & Ready Meals category, Rummo Spaghetti No. 3. This is an Italian-imported artisanal pasta that would definitely entice your tongue, especially with a great Italian pasta recipe. It is made with durum wheat semolina and rich with iron, thiamin, niacin, potassium, riboflavin and folate.

You can purchase the Whole Wheat or Gluten-Free versions of Spaghetti No. 3. Rummo made use of a slow processing method to shape its spaghetti, allowing it to fully absorb your sauce. As it has been producing pasta since 1884, there’s no doubt that its products will live up to its reputation. You can serve your Rummo Spaghetti No. 3 with clam sauce, chili and garlic, and tomato sauce.

Dalla Costa Alimentare – Veggie Pasta

If you’re thinking of trying the best plant-based food in Italy, you should consider the Dalla Costa Alimentare Veggie Pasta, which held its ground at the 2023 Italian Food Awards. Dalla Costa Alimentare produces flavored pasta using ancient methods like cold dough and drawing with bronze dyes.

The Italian plant-based pasta is made with organic red lentil flour but is still full of flavor. The pasta is shapely and chewy, easily picking up any sauce that you serve it with. The line of 100% vegetable and gluten-free pasta is enticing to those who want more fiber and vegetable proteins in their diet. Enjoy the unique pasta with grilled vegetables and olive oil or a tasty pasta sauce.

Gruppo Fini – Gourmet Tapenades

The winner of the Preserves & Sauces category is Gruppo Fini – Gourmet Tapenades, which offers a delicious series of sauces for all kinds of meals. The series includes the Cipolle Caramellate, Melanzane alla Mediterranea, Peperoni Rossi Piccanti, and Tris Piccante di Verdure.

Gruppo Fini is known for its gourmet tapenades and fresh-filled pasta. Their Le Conserve della Nonna was especially a show-stopper at the 2023 Italian Food Awards. It can be used as a condiment or appetizer and served with crudites, crackers and crusty bread. The tapenades are also great spreads for the holidays.

Tartuflanghe – Ori Di Langa Snacks Line

Looking to satisfy your palate with authentic Italian snacks? The Tartuflanghe – Ori di Langa Snacks Line won the Snacks & Aperitivo category at the 2023 Italian Food Awards and is definitely worth the try. The line of snacks is from Tartuflanghe, a company that was founded in 1980. It is known for its rich history, especially as the first to sell truffle-infused pasta.

In the Ori Di Langa snacks line, you get truffle chips, Parmigiano Reggiano cream with truffle, and Carnaroli rice risotto with truffle. Also, look out for their delicious honey condiment with truffle, corn, cashews and hazelnuts mix coated with truffle juice and black truffle Tartufata sauce. But don’t miss out on the truffle snack Misto al Tartufo, coated with a thin layer of salted truffle juice and then baked.

Matilde Vincezi – Millefoglie Filled Puff Pastry

Rounding up our list of impressive food brands at the 2023 Italian Food Awards is Matilde Vincezi Millefoglie Filled Puff Pastry, which dominated the sweets and confectionary category. This is a bite-sized puff pastry cookie filled with milk cream, but the burst of flavors is more complicated and unique than that.

The Millefoglie Filled Puff Pastry has 192 layers of puff pastry and is one of the most popular deserts in Italy. It continues to be the mainstay in the puff pastry tradition of Matilde Vincenzi, made with wheat flour, butter, salt, sugar and vegetable margarine. But it is not dairy-free or gluten-free.

The 2023 Italian Food Awards saw a lot of impressive brands, but only nine could be named the winning companies. When you desire authentic Italian culture on your tastebuds, these winners will surpass your expectations.

Aside from the nine winners, special awards were assigned to other brands. The Fast Growing Company award was given to Capurso in Deli, Tomarchio in Snakes & Aperitivo, and Formec Biffi in Preserves & Sauces.