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Most Unusual Hotels in Italy that Make it Worth Your Stay


Most Unusual Hotels in Italy that Make it Worth Your Stay

There’s a lot to experience when you explore Italy’s picturesque architectural heritage, but one of the ways you can make your stay more different is with a unique hotel. If you’re staying in Italy, why not stay in a castle, lighthouse, or even a fortress?

Regardless of where you’re visiting in Italy, there are different unique places that you can stay, with hints of art and history. Let’s take a closer look at the most unusual hotels that would make your experience in Italy worth it.

Castle of Scipione

One of the best ways to experience Italy is with its medieval castles. The Castle of Scipione, which is located in the Emilia Romagna region, was built in the 14th century. It features two exclusive, romantic suites, wooden ceilings, a private garden and entrance, and ancient terracotta floors.

From the castle, you get a picturesque view of the forests where nobles hunted before. You can check out the two-floor Blue Suite, which is located in the watchtower, or the Green Suite, found behind the drawbridge. Both suites come with a kitchenette, but there is an en-suite restaurant where guests can get delicious Tuscan dishes.

Caravan Park Sexten, Sesto

Visit the Caravan Park Sexten while in Italy to enjoy a unique accommodation option. Located in the heart of the Dolomites, the campground comes with different room styles, including treehouses, lodges, and pitches. From the campground, you can check out the mountain landscape, outdoor thermal pools, and saunas.

The facility offers a spa area with Roman and Turkish baths, a bar, a garden, and free parking and WiFi. From this hotel facility, you can also check out the 3 Peaks Dolomites and the Porzen Ski Lift.

Salvucci Tower

Experience what it’s like to live like a lord in the Middle Ages by staying at the Salvucci Tower. Stretched across 11 floors, the narrow tower has thick stone walls with no elevators. Be prepared to walk a lot to get from your bed to the kitchen, bathroom, or mezzanine.

The Salvucci Tower is one of the quirkiest places to stay in the Tuscan village. The entire 11-floor tower has two bathrooms and three beds, but you would have the entire place to yourself. Not only this, but you can check out the view from the rooftop.

Tonnara di Scopello Tuna Fortress

You can also check out the Tonnara di Scopello, which is a tuna fortress located in Trapani, Italy. Tuna trapping facilities have been banned for a long time in Italy, and so this place has been transformed into a hotel.

It is an apartment-style hotel with a paid beachside area for swimming and an apartment-style hotel. It is surrounded by rock beaches and aquamarine waters, allowing visitors to go snorkeling or swimming. There are also hammocks, courtyards, and a lot of seafood options on the menu. You can check out the old tuna factory.

Capo Faro Resort Lighthouse

Have you ever imagined staying in a lighthouse? Visit the Capo Faro Resort Lighthouse and rent one of their 27 rooms when in Italy. The seafront lighthouse is located on the volcanic island of Salina, with two twin peaks. It has a suite with a kitchen for private dinners, a pool made with black rocks, and terraces that offer a view of the sea.

The location and the views are not the only breathtaking parts of Capo Faro Resort Lighthouse, although it’s pretty amazing to view the Capofaro cliff and the Aeolian Sea. It also offers an airport shuttle, and the meals are prepared in the hotel, offering you delicious options on the island of Salina.

Fortress of Naro

If you can stay in a castle and a lighthouse, a fortress in Italy doesn’t sound so farfetched. The medieval fortress has a majestic look, located in Marche and surrounded by rivers, forests, and villages. It was previously the home of a princess warrior, but now, it’s a luxury hotel where guests can live and experience history.

The suites in the fortress are decorated with paintings, sculptures, and old furniture. As for the bathrooms, they come with chromotherapy showers and painted frescoes. If you want more pampering, check out the underground rock spa or explore the secret passageway. One of the highlights of the fortress is the garden, with a stone patio that offers mountain views.

Faro Capo Spartivento Lighthouse

Not to be confused with Capo Faro, you can also visit the Faro Capo Spartivento Lighthouse, located on the island of Sardinia. You can have the entire lighthouse to yourself during the holiday. Built-in 1865, the lighthouse is on top of a cliff and has been converted to include six luxury suites with a good view of the sunset or sunrise.

The lighthouse has an on-site restaurant that is only open to hotel guests and serves breakfast and dinner. Aside from the accommodation, you can enjoy locally sourced Italian dishes, including seafood, Sardinian pecorino sheep cheese, and handmade Malloreduus pasta.

Trasita Coastal Tower

You can also check out the Trasita Coastal Tower, a 16th-century Saracen stone tower located on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. The tower was initially built as part of a defensive system to protect the local population from invasions and pirates.

Now, it has been converted into a luxurious accommodation facility, offering spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea. It is located on the main beach of Positano, so you can take long walks on the beach, swim at the pool, or check out the stone terraces with lounge chairs.

Motel K, Casei Gerola

If you’re visiting Italy with your loved one, you should stay at Motel K, located in Casei Gerola, Lombardy. It is a truly unique hotel; the rooms are works of art with different themes. For instance, you can check out the Jungle Suite, designed to remind you of nature, or the Mouline Rouge Suite, which has a Parisian theme.

Aside from the aesthetics, the Motel K comes with quality features for comfort and relaxation. These include Jacuzzis, mirrored walls and ceilings, spacious furnishes, and open bathtubs. There is also a focus on privacy so you can enjoy your stay with your loved one.

Al Silter, Capriate San Gervasio

Rounding up our list is Al Silter, located in Capriate San Gervasio, Lombardy, one of the most unusual hotels to stay in Italy. The Al Silter is a wine cellar that has been transformed into a unique hotel. The best highlight is the wooden barrel that houses a comfortable bed, so you have the chance to sleep in a wine barrel.

Every room comes with unique styles, and you can check out their baths, local products, and wine options. Since it’s an old wine cellar, you get access to local wines and other gastronomic products.

Enjoy Your Stay in Italy with Unique Hotels

When in Italy, you can liven up your stay with some of their unique hotels, whether it’s a castle, a tower, a lighthouse, or a fortress. Although these options are more expensive than your usual hotels, the experience that they offer is definitely worth it.