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  • Made In Italy Accessory Brands: The Best to Know in 2023
Made In Italy Accessory Brands: The Best to Know in 2023


Made In Italy Accessory Brands: The Best to Know in 2023

From bags and bracelets to gloves and belts, there’s no better way to complete an outfit than with the right accessories. Italy is known for its unique style, including fashion accessories, and has a long legacy of artisanship.

Although accessories made by global brands are always amazing, there are different Made in Italy accessory brands that you can consider getting your accessories from. These local designers craft timeless accessories, from their stylish handbags and sleek gloves to leather belts and gorgeous bracelets. Let’s take a closer look.

Roberta Gandolfi

At the top of our list is Roberta Gandolfi, a leading brand that has been outfitting women around the world with Made in Italy bags for over four decades. Roberta Gandolfi specializes in luxury leather bags, and the brand is based in Bologna, Italy.

The Gandolfi bags stand out for their unique handles, which can be strung, laser-perforated, hand-woven, or curled. Sometimes, the bag handles are also embellished with jewels and scarves for a unique look. All Roberta Gandolfi bags are made with carefully selected leather and fabrics, all made in Italy.

Bevini Modena

Bevini Modena makes a wide range of accessories for the modern person, whether it’s stylish backpacks or fine leather handbags. The brand combines craftsmanship with heritage in making stylish leather goods, including handbags, backpacks, women’s accessories, men’s accessories, and outdoor products.

The Made in Italy brand is inspired by the shapes and colors of Centro Storico, and all the leather products are handmade in Modena, Italy. Bevini Modena uses vegetable-tanned leather in making its accessories. This is a traditional Italian method, so it does not require complicated chemical processes. This eco-friendly process allows the leather to get better over time.


Next on our list is QMAN, an Italian brand that was founded by Veronica Quarterman, a Canadian. She moved to Italy when she was two and has now founded this leading Made in Italy accessories brand. The luxury accessories line combines Italian leather with unique styles, known for its glamorous vibe.

The leather accessories made by QMAN make use of pure Italian cowhide, which increases the quality and elegance of Italian luxury goods. Their products include leather bags of different colors and other leather accessories.


Carditosale is another renowned Made in Italy brand on our list. The brand is relatively new, but Carditosale has already been featured in magazines like Vanity Fair and Vogue. Their most popular item is the Smile bag, which has become globally famous.

Carditosale offers refined and sophisticated bag collections. The romantic design of their bags is the main highlight of the popular Italian brand. The bags are made with quality leather and valuable materials, with attention to detail that makes them distinctly Made in Italy. Some of the bags are designed with feathers for a chic look, while others are classy and sleek for the modern woman.


When shopping Made in Italy accessories, you don’t only have to stick with the new brands like Carditosale. Athison is a brand of luxury leather accessories made in Italy since 1913. With over a century in the game, the brand offers diverse products like belts, bracelets, bags, and luxury collars. Athison also offers pet accessories for your furry friend.

In the 1970s, Athison made history by producing the first machine woven belts in the world. Their unique designs are made possible with their sophisticated looms, which weave vegetable leather with thin copper threads. You can shop their Made in Italy products directly on the Athison website.

Le Moki

Our list of Made in Italy accessories won’t be complete without Le Moki, a creative brand that combines family history with craftsmanship. Founded by Danilo Pelosi, a Puglia native, Le Moki’s accessories feature classic designs and Italian craftsmanship. Their luxury bags are ideal for any occasion.

Le Moki makes luxury leather bags and shoes. All the products are exclusively made in Italy by Italian artisans in workshops. This gives their products attention to detail. Some of their popular bag designs include handbags, shoulder bags, shopping bags, and a Brigitte bag. Le Moki’s shoes are targeted towards females.

Puntovita & Arsenice

We also recommend Puntovita & Arsenice for gorgeous Made in Italy accessories. The 40-year-old brand has it all, from embroidered leather belts and crossbody satchels to Western-inspired bags and other accessories. Puntovita & Arsenice is located in Limite Sull’Arno, Italy, and their products celebrate Italian craftsmanship.

All made from exquisite Italian leather, Puntovita & Arsenice belts and bags come in different styles. The belt styles include classical, studded, glamour, and customized, while the bags can be embroidered or customized. This Made in Italy brand is definitely the ideal choice if you’re looking to accessorize.

Gala Gloves

Made in Italy, accessories are not limited to bags and belts. You can also add style to your outfit with gloves from the Gala Gloves brand. Gala Gloves is a family business that was founded in 1930 and is now being managed by the third generation. It is being run by a couple and their two sons.

Founded in Naples, Gala Gloves creates men’s and women’s styles in fine leather. Their gloves are designed with unique patterns and prints and would add a lot of style to your fall or winter outfit.

Maria La Rosa

Rounding up our list is the Maria La Rosa brand, a Milan-based brand that is run by Maria La Rosa and her two daughters. The family-run business is inspired by artisanal techniques in Sicily and creates contemporary accessories, including small bags and clutches.

The brand’s accessories come with unique weaving techniques, including knitting, crocheting, macrame, and embroidering. The Made in Italy brand creates handcrafted accessories using traditional wooden looms. The Maria La Rosa accessories stand out for their authenticity and creativity.

Italy’s Leading Accessory Brands

Doll yourself up with the best Made in Italy accessory brands on our list. Whether the brand was founded five years ago or is a century old, they are all authentically Italian. These accessory brands stand out because most of them are handcrafted by Italian artisans, made with quality Italian leather, and designed by the best in the industry. If you’re looking for local and authentic Italian accessories, then these brands are the best.