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Fashion Trends Taking Italy By Storm from the 2023 Milan Fashion Week


Fashion Trends Taking Italy By Storm from the 2023 Milan Fashion Week

Whether it’s the fall/winter collection or the spring/summer week, Milan Fashion Week always creates a buzz in the fashion industry. In the Milan Fashion Week, the best Italian design giants offer new and unique trends that influence the fashion world until new trends come into play. Italy has always been known as a place of style and elegance, and this also plays in its fashion industry.

In this article, we take a closer look at some of the fashion trends introduced by the Milan Fashion Week in 2023.

Bold Prints

For the 2023 Milan Fashion Week, Italian fashion houses produced a number of pieces with prints and patterns. The bold and vibrant fashion designs range from flowers and paisley patterns to geometric shapes – the bolder, the better. Several designers also included animal patterns, including zebra prints or even images of real zebras, in their creations.

Elegant Suits and Workwear

If you’re thinking of inspiration for what to wear to work, turn your attention to some of the pieces in the 2023 Milan Fashion Week. From slim trousers and blazers with unbuttoned blouses from Prada to the suits without pants from Ferragamo and GCDS, blazers have been transformed in the latest trends. Labels like Fendi, Bottega, and Brunello Cucinelli have also designed work essentials to look casual for the weekends.

Micro Bras

The micro bra made an exciting reappearance in the 2023 Milan Fashion Week fall/winter. It simply looks like a silver chain with two tiny triangles, especially the one released by Gucci. In this season, sea-through materials were especially popular in the spring trend, and designers have experimented with designs going from skimpy to conservative, regardless of your preference.

Long Hemline

Trends like tuxedo styles, body-con sheer designs, tartan and plaid, and fur and fake fur have become popular in 2023. The stretched hemline was one of the main fashion trends from the Milan Fashion Week and contrasted the ultra-miniskirts that were previously a popular trend.

Adventurous Pieces

Another part of the trend lineup is the fact that designers have been feeling a bit adventurous with their collections. For instance, the Del Core miniskirt will remind you of confetti, while Matthiew Blazy released some unique pom-pom dresses. There have also been whispery feather details and jellyfish-like dresses in the outfits.


Although the vest is seen as an extra layering piece, the 2023 Milan Fashion Week revealed that it could make your outfit look more dynamic. Some of the ideas included the denim-on-denim design from Diesel or the leather bomber-like vest styled with a polka dot miniskirt by Bally. There are so many ways to wear the vest.

Low Rise Jeans and Leggins

To the surprise of many, low-rise jeans appeared on the Milan runways, revealing the hipbone and belly button of models. It was even more exciting to see the low-slung jeans paired with high-waisted leggings or tights, making it look like a tucked-in shirt. Prada and Ferragamo led this trend.

Statement Coats

There were also a lot of coats combined with outfits on the Milan Fashion Week runway. One idea was the chunky belted camel coat from Louis Vuitton, and it was made of leather print to look like wool. Also, Alexnder McQueen released a belted black dress adorned with a painted orchid flower and Hermes with a quilted parka and one strap worn over the shoulder.


Features were all the rage during the Milan Fashion Week, as they represent freedom but are also light and elegant. For instance, Valentino added black and white feather jackets to complete the graphic Black Tie collection, and Bottega Veneta’s aqua coat with ostrich feathers also stood out. These were seen as some of the most outstanding designs of the Fashion Week. Feathers would add some fun to your wardrobe but also make you stand out in any event.

Airy Outfits

Another trend that was noted on the Milan runway in 2023 was airy, breezy, and lightweight clothes. With translucent clothes made of silk, these airy outfits showed up during the spring and summer seasons. You can expect to see more of these styles when the temperatures rise in Italy.

Clunky Shoes

Clunky shoes have also become an important fad in 2023, especially those with pointy toes and thick soles. Gucci displayed wedgies in the fashion week, and there were also Cavalli sabots and D&G clogs. The not-so-subtle shoes are also designed with feathers, colored laces, and furs.

Hooded Dresses

The hooded dress trend also showed up in the 2023 Milan Fashion Week, but this was not surprising. The trend took 2023 by storm, as celebrities like Anne Hathaway and Jenna Ortega wore it on the red carpet. From a hood connected to the actual garment to a removable scarf, the hooded dress trend won’t die down any time soon.


Fringes are back again at the 2023 Milan Fashion Week! Although fringes are not a new presence on the runway, designers in 2023 found different ways to add the element to their spring/summer looks. Giorgio Armani, Prada, and Bottega Veneta added fringes to their outfits. One of the outfits that caught the attention of many was the Gucci lime-green coat with stringy accents on the bottom of the outerwear and the sleeves.

Padded Shoulders

Another trend that showed up in the 2023 Milan Fashion Week was the padded shoulder on jackets and shirts, which would also give you a great confidence boost. In The Attico, a padded shoulder blazer was paired with small shorts, while GCDS explored a cropped sweater with padded shoulders and small shorts.

Impeccable Tailoring at the 2023 Milan Fashion Week

Italian clothing continues to stand out for its attention to detail and impressive craftsmanship. From suits, blazers, and structured clothing to feathers, lightweight outfits, and micro bras, there were a lot of unique ideas revealed in the 2023 Milan Fashion Week, from the fall/winter season in February and March to the spring/summer selection showcased in September and October.