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  • Celebrating 75 Years of Bulgari's Serpenti: An Italian Icon in Jewelry
Celebrating 75 Years of Bulgari's Serpenti: An Italian Icon in Jewelry


Celebrating 75 Years of Bulgari's Serpenti: An Italian Icon in Jewelry

In the world of haute couture, Bulgari, the illustrious Roman maison, is synonymous with luxury, elegance, and timelessness. For over 75 years, Bulgari's Serpenti collection has stood as an epitome of these values, captivating generations of jewelry aficionados and celebrities alike. From October 11 to November 19, Milan will play host to an exclusive exhibition, "75 Years of Infinite Tales," at the Dazio di Levante in Piazza Sempione, showcasing the evolution of this iconic collection. Diana Vreeland, the iconic editor of Vogue US, once urged, "Never forget the serpent… The serpent should grace every finger, encircle every wrist, and be everywhere (…). We can never see enough of it." These words, spoken in 1968, were an homage to Bulgari's jewelry, a brand that embraced the serpent as a symbol of power and allure since the 1940s. This is just one among the countless tales that span over 75 years, tales that will be elegantly presented in the exhibition aptly titled "75 Years of Infinite Tales" by Bulgari. This exceptional exhibition will not only grace Milan but will also tour Shanghai, Seoul, Dubai, and Tokyo, paying homage to this jewelry icon on a global stage.

Serpenti: A Timeless Elegance

Today, it's a common sight to see Bulgari's Serpenti gracing the necks, fingers, and wrists of celebrities worldwide. From Miriam Leone and Elodie to Zendaya and Anne Hathaway, the Serpenti collection has become a symbol of both sophistication and contemporary style. In the 1960s, the legendary Elizabeth Taylor often adorned her wrist with the Serpenti bracelet watch, treating it like a cherished talisman. The collection had its roots in watches, with the serpent's spiral form—a symbol of ancient traditions—inspiring the creation of precious Tubogas straps. These interlocking gold links, created without any welding, were considered rarities during Liz Taylor's era. Adorned with meticulously crafted scales and vibrant enamels, they were objects of cult-like adoration. The success of the Serpenti collection continued over the decades, expanding into intricate watches and exquisite jewelry for both men and women. From Andy Warhol to Sophia Loren and Grace Jones, the allure of Serpenti captivated hearts. The exhibition in Milan will take visitors on a journey through this history, displaying archival materials, vintage pieces, and the latest Serpenti Viper line.

A Glimpse into the Future

In addition to the archival treasures, "75 Years of Infinite Tales" will unveil new additions to Bulgari's Serpenti collection: the Mediterranean Mystic and Diamond Tree necklaces and the Forbidden Ruby parure. The celebration of this significant anniversary has also seen collaborations with notable artists like Quayola, Sougwen Chung, Daniel Rozin, Cate M, Fabrizio “Bixio” Braghieri, and Filippo Salerni, each interpreting the essence of the iconic serpent in their unique way. The Dazio di Levante in Piazza Sempione will host Experience Rooms and a cinema hall, providing an immersive experience of the Serpenti's journey intertwined with the history of Bulgari and the luminous personalities it has adorned. This exhibition is an invitation to witness the intertwining of history, art, and elegance—a tribute to 75 years of Bulgari's Serpenti, a timeless icon in the realm of jewelry. For those eager to be part of this celebration, reservations for the "75 Years of Infinite Tales" exhibition can be made starting from September 15 through the dedicated website.